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They had been using a SEO company that had an extensive link network and was using less than impressive SEO tactics and methodologies over the last 12 months.The company was also losing considerable revenue as a direct result of this low quality SEO work.SME’s and start-ups do not have big dollars to do such things, so the next best thing is to is to create a content market calendar for your clients.Work out all the events coming up in the year and work out how you can align these with the business.If you have been doing SEO for 8 years like me you can probably just know from analysis which links are bad from a TLD and URL point of view.

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This client originally came to the company with the typical link building and SEO problems.I would always consult the advice of an expert SEO in this instance because it is easy for these tools to mistake good and bad links.Another tip you can use is just reach out to the prior agency and say something like the following: “We realise you were using link networks for our website which has resulted in a Google penalty and loss in business.So, Google has accepted the reconsideration request, you can now move forward with creating high-quality link building and a content creation strategy.I see every one creating threads about great content marketing examples, but the problem is that most of the time these are big business examples.

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