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She hasn't really kept a job for terribly long, but she seems like a fun go-lucky girl who's hanging out with Tiger," Shuter said.SAN DIEGO -- A repeat DUI offender who was drunk when he drove on the shoulder of eastbound state Route 52 near Tierrasanta, striking a tow- truck operator tending to a disabled trash truck, pleaded guilty Thursday to second-degree murder. Charges of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and leaving the scene of the Feb.What are the legal consequences (real and potential) of marrying someone with a DUI? BF and I (age 38, divorced from previous marriage) have been dating for 1 year and he is pressuring me to get married. I've asked BF to limit himself to 2, and he seems to stick to this. in illinois, for example: Illinois DWI Worst Case Scenario frankly, a first offense dui is often pled down to wreckless driving or the equivalent. canada is probably a little too cautious with their visas and travel permits, but, hey, it's their country. if they don't like the knot in his tie they can fire him. Also I do not drink a drop if I have my kids around and my wife is not there and I ahve to drive somewhere, I will wait until I am home and done driving for the night, but if the wife and I are out for dinner, I will drink 2 beers and stop switch to sweat tea or water.I'm afraid of marrying him due to any legal issues that may pop up due to his permanent DUI conviction. Also I 've employment concerns for BF (us if married) I've heard that many employers do not hire people with DUI convictions - could this potentially impact his future employment (if he changes job). i'm not excusing drunk driving, it's just how the legal system deals with the glut of cases they face. Driving consequences are: He lost Driver's License for 1 year, and now can drive again. I need to know what other legal consequences are there of his DUI before I commit to be in a legal married partnership with him. if you have any kind of record they want to know about it, and they expect you to volunteer the info. I work with 2 Alcholohics, who have multiple DUI's and they have not been fired yet, so it is a tricky thing. BUT reading deeper, if he has kept his nose clean, and he has been a good boy with ZERO mistakes after that DUI conviction 3 years ago he can ask for a Pardon after 5 years.. I wouldn't worry to much, sounds like he cleaned up his issue and doesn't want the same mistake to happen again, he has learned a tough lesson.They may pay the higher insurance rate while on your policy, but as adults getting their own policy, it will reflect only their own driving mistakes.That answers, I think, most of the questions you had. I have to say, if he's pressuring you, I don't think I'd do it.

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It's been long enough (10 years this month...wow, time flies), that somewhere else, an employer might chance it, since she's never had another, and has gotten no other traffic things at all (no tickets, accidents, etc.) as well as no other convictions.As for the DUI, I would worry more about the potential for future problems with alcohol.When he drinks, does he really limit himself to 2 drinks? Also, be on guard for 2 turning into 3 and then 4 and then getting out of hand. My mother made a mistake one night of driving after she'd had a couple of drinks, and she got a DUI. If they do not have any other criminal charges driving related, the slate is wiped clean after the 7 years have passed. PHMnow I think most employers will see this on his record and he would ahve to explain himself, if it was amistake driving home one night from a dinner and had to much and that was it, they may over look it. He does have a masters, and we all make mistakes, seemed he has learned his lesson and has been a good boy. I am not sure of the laws in Georgia, but in my state the DUI stays on the drivers record for 7 years. The company he currently works for seems to like him.

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