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A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” This quote is attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle who wrote extensively about the notion and importance of true friendship as a determinant of , destined to become a cult classic, about the founding of the Internet social networking site “Facebook.” With the advertising tag line, “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies,” you have to wonder what the definition of “friends” is in this kind of social networking context.

And as you watch the relationships depicted in the film, especially that between founder Mark Zuckerberg and his network of “friends,” it is obvious that they don’t meet the quality standards espoused by Aristotle!

Which of these contacts, when all is said and done, really matters the most to you?

In addition to feeding your soul, you can feel a single soul dwelling in two bodies?

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True friendships, which admittedly are a blast from the past, are not simply a manifestation of what is being called “social connectivity” in social networking parlance. They invite you to visit their new Web site and join the “OPA!

We’re not just “bowling alone,” to borrow the title from a book by sociologist Robert Putman, we’re effectively , paradoxical intention or working against ourselves.

We have become our worst enemy as we seek to navigate the sea of so-called “friends” that we’ve been promised through Facebook and other social networking sites.

Stop and think, then, for a moment about the quality of friends that we may make on-line, such as via Facebook, and compare this quality of relationships with other kinds of friends with whom we have actual face-to-face contact–be it infrequent, work-related, social, and intimate, perhaps even loving.

Which of these contacts represent meaningful relationships and, by implication, true friendships?

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