Who is james scott dating

Considering that he won an MVP in high school and how good his character on OTH was with the Spalding ball, one would wonder why Lafferty didn’t go ahead to go pro.

Well, destiny had other plans up her sleeves for him.

James graduated from high school in 2003 and proceeded to California State University, Long Beach.

However, his college education was only shortlived as he was called up for the role of Nathan Scott in OTH.

His dad operated a local construction company which was the primary source of livelihood for James and his kid brother Stuart Lafferty.

Both James and his brother attended Hemet High School where they both actively played for the varsity basketball team, the Bulldogs.

 Now a star of Britain’s Got Talent has revealed how he got to know the Stay With Me singer.

His Nathan Scott role earned him 4 Teen Choice Award nominations.Though we could never get tired of One Tree Hill, here is James Laferty’s real story.Jamie was born as James Martin Lafferty on the 25th of July 1985 as the son of Angelica and Jeffrey Lafferty.As kids, Nathan, sorry, James’ mother encouraged him and his younger brother to take up acting as a hobby.James began acting from the age of 6 mostly making non-speaking appearances before he got his first speaking role at the age of 10. James’ basketball skills definitely came in handy for the latter.

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