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Grant, himself a former Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy, has maintained for 20 years that the SPD "rushed to judgement" and did not adequately investigate the death of Cobain as a homicide. Ciesynski questions Grant's knowledge of homicide investigation techniques. would never have come up with the theories that he's come up with." However, it seems the SPD re-examination will hardly be the final word on Cobain's death.

Grant is involved in a feature film documentary titled Soaked in Bleach, a double entendre referring to the process for cleaning heroin injection needles, and presumably a reference to an alleged cover-up of murder.

He believes the film should have been developed 20 years ago.Other photos depict the scene where Cobain's body was found: a sparse greenhouse room above a detached garage, with one stool as the lone piece of furniture.There are pictures of Cobain's heroin kit authorities say was found at the scene, complete with syringes and other paraphernalia kept in a cigar box.Internal SPD documents reveal that security of the evidence photographs concerned Courtney Love as far back as 1995, whose attorney "called and asked if the photos could be destroyed to prevent any mistaken release." One document dated Feb.13, 1995, mentions Tom Grant for "once again" sparking media attention to "the suicide of Cobain" nearly one year after his death for "alleging (Love) was responsible for the husbands [sic] death and we (SPD) covered up the murder." The memo is written by Sgt.

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