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I am currently working on moving 100s of access databases from a variety of folders to another set of folders and need to update any references to linked tables that will be broken during the move. Table Defs ' My Logic for checking to see if it is is a linked ' table and then updating it appropriately Next Set coll Tables = Nothing Set tdf = Nothing Set db = Nothing However, I do not want to have to add the code to each of the access databases so I was wondering if there was a way to create a VBS file which would execute the same type of logic. Table Defs ' business logic next set tbl Loop = nothing My Conn.close set My Conn = nothing I'm hoping that someone more familiar with doing this type of coding will be able to point me in the right direction. database passwords can be supplied in the Open Database action.

I have identified how to update the location of the linked database table by adding a macro to the access database itself by doing something like the following: Dim tdf As Table Def, db As Database Set db = Current Db db. I tried the following code, but I am getting the following error when the line with the for each logic is executed: "Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range or are in conflict with one another" Set My Conn = Create Object("ADODB. Is there a way to utilize the Table Defs table from outside of Access through a VBS file and if so, what would that code look like. Database Dim ac ''As Access Application ''As noted by wmajors81, Open Database is not a method of the application object ''Open Database works with DBEngine: Set ac = Create Object("Access. I was able to expand upon the answer by @Remou to come up with some code that worked.

The following code example uses the After Update event to run a named data macro that adds a record to the Comment table each time the status of an issue is updated.

Click here to view a copy of the macro that you can paste into Macro Designer.

Part of his answer included the following statement which threw an error "Set db = ac. As far as I can tell "Open Database" is not a valid method, but OPen Current Database is.

Also, I was getting an error when trying to set db equal to the value returned by Open Current Database so I'm assuming that it is a sub and not a function.

Figure 5 If you close the Excel workbook while the linked table is open in Access, all of the data is replaced by errors and Access reports that the connection is lost (see Figure 6).But when the table is linked into Access, you get a ) in front of each number in Excel.This tells Excel to treat the cell as text regardless of the cell contents.To view this example in the macro designer, use the following steps: If Updated("Status") Then Run Data Macro Macro Name Comments.Add Comment Parameters prm Related ID = [ID] prm Comment ="--Status Changes to "&[Status] prm User ID =[Changed By User ID] End If If Updated("Resolution") Then Run Data Macro Macro Name Comments.

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