Updating bios file not found h67ms e23 b3

A few slightly bent may be repairable if you're careful.

Other than that it sounds like you've tried all the things I would.

Other than that whichever cp u is installed the outcome is the same. I do have a used motherboard on the way although this will also need a bios update as my stupidity dictates I make the same mistake twice before learning my lesson. -BIOS settings are messed up and the CMOS chip needs a reset by pulling the battery or moving the jumper.

I also have a used 2nd gen i3 processor coming in case it is the cpu that is fried. Be sure to pull power plug from the wall before reset.

Without a Heatsink mounted correctly a CPU will burn itself out almost instantly. If there were then I'd assume neither cpu would give warning beeps.

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The trouble is new LGA1155 motherboards are not widely available now, so you might be looking at used parts if you do decide to replace.

I've had another close look at the cpu socket under a good light and still don't see any bent pins.

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