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The record player was mounted in a leather case not unlike a ladies' vanity case and it was light enough to accompany us to many locations when we were presenting film shows.

My first ciné camera was an old Bell and Howell 605C Sportster and although it had a three lens turret only had a standard and telephoto lens fitted.Early in January 1967 I was asked if I would like to go up to Coniston with John to give him a hand and was picked up at 4.30 am to go to the Lake District in John's immaculate 1965 Malibu Gold Ford Executive Zodiac (HMB 315 C).It was the fateful day that Donald Campbell lost his life when his boat... I can remember the day as if it were yesterday and still become upset whenever I see the historic film that John and Keith took of the crash.I can remember my father ordering a mains unit for it from an advertiser in the back of the Electrical and Electronic Trader magazine that he used to subscribe to.This unit was a revelation and meant that for the price of a couple of sets of Duracells I could run the Fi-Cord off the mains.

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