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It appears in the middle of miserable winter; exactly when you’re wondering to yourself, “What is there to do in Indianapolis? While an investigation was launched in 2003, and the supposed source of the noise, a local plant, was fixed, the hum continued rattling on for many individuals. For more eye-opening weird stuff, there are some strange places shortly outside of Naptown.While some write it off as a mass delusion, the problem continues for many people there. Camp Chesterfield is known as the home of Spiritualists, those who believe in communication with the dead through a medium.Yes, we all know about the Speedway, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, and the world-renowned Zoo.Those are just some great local Indianapolis attractions that are worth a first, second, or even eighth trip, certainly! But, if you’re looking for new or new-to-you fun things to do in Indianapolis, Indiana, then we’ve found your some unconventional gems.Use one of these super-local calendars to scope out events in Indianapolis today or the cheap and free things to do in Indianapolis this weekend: Even if nothing piques your interest as you scroll through the lists of Indianapolis events, today, you can find no excuses for being reclusive: There are always plenty of things to do.Indianapolis is full of wacky stuff, weird places, and cool things to see.Prices shown above may include 'On the door' prices as well as online prices available through Skiddle.

Indianapolis tour to enjoy a food-loving adventure.

With more than 200,000 graves, many of which are the final resting places of leaders as well as Civil War soldiers, Crown Hill is positively paranormal.

Even if you don’t catch Casper, it’s a beautiful walk that overlooks much of the city.

It’s also home to some of our own Tucker relatives!

Check out the official events and the private and public walking tours; “Skeletons in the Closet” is one of our favorites! Thank you to all of our fans for sharing our family tradition with us!

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