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The couple had a baby together, and they named him Robert Ford Wilson.

Unfortunately, after having a son this relationship also ended in tragedy.

He has played different key characters in various movies like Meet the Parent, Behind Enemy Line.

His role of Eli Cash in the Royal Tenenbaums got him many nominations for big awards.

Thousands of well-wishers have taken to Twitter after hearing of the fatal accident.

Joel Beall said: “Bill Haas, actor Luke Wilson involved in fatal crash.

The driver of the car he was travelling in - a Ferrari - was pronounced dead at the scene. A statement from the Los Angeles Fire Department said the two injured parties were a 35-year-old male and a 50-year-old female. uk has contacted the actor’s lawyer and agent regarding the accident.

They were all set to get married and live happily as husband and wife, but it could not happen.

After that break up he started dating another woman whose name was Jade Duell.

Owen Wilson was born on 1968 on 18th of November which makes him 47 years of age at this moment.

It has been a long career which has seen ups and downs but this legendary actor has managed to keep calm and focus on his work which is one key reason behind his success.

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