Nigeriansex map

Globalization Many girls from Benin and other countries in West Africa succumb to the temptation of sex work in Nigeria.

"I was told that it was just like the West there," said Aïcha, who studies law by day and is a sex worker by night.

Its numerous themed cafes, its lighting and artificial weather effects were legendary.

In 1953, the remains of the building were consumed by fire during the uprising against the East German government.

"Fellow Beninians in Nigeria, particularly in Abuja [the capital], do very well out of their clients, who come with dollars and euros." Amy, a young sex worker near one of the big hotels in the city, came from Ivory Coast in 2007.

Although it is hard to assess the extent of this clandestine trend, Jean-Paul, who is in the same business English class as Jenifer, is aware of his classmate's objective. Kadi, 19, who has been learning English for the last four months at a large training centre in Cotonou, admitted to IRIN/Plus News that she would soon be ready to overcome the last barrier to entering the Nigerian sex trade: language. Sometimes our young girls find themselves in this position without wanting to," said Solange Legonou, President of the Benin network of NGOs for female leadership (ROLF).

Why should we think that sex is not affected by this?

We need to find ways to adapt ourselves," she said.

"I am well aware that the possibility of catching AIDS is high [but] you don't need to go to Nigeria to be at risk," said Kadi.

"I always take precautions." Marcelline, another student in Cotonou, told IRIN/Plus News she planned to go to Abuja, "the city of rich men", where some girls had clients who paid around 0 or more for a night.

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