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A quarterback (commonly abbreviated "QB") is a position in American and Canadian football.Quarterbacks are members of the offensive team and line up directly behind the offensive line.Ascending the starting role upon Staubach's retirement, White held his position as the team's punter for several seasons—a double duty he performed to All-American standard at Arizona State University.White also had two touchdown receptions as a Dallas Cowboy, both from the halfback option.Often compared to captains of other team sports, before the implementation of NFL team captains in 2007, the starting quarterback was usually the de facto team leader and well-respected player on and off the field.

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The quarterback touches the ball on almost every offensive play, and his successes and failures can have a significant impact on the fortunes of his team.

After a Super Bowl victory, the starting quarterback is the first player (and third person after the team owner and head coach) to be presented with the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

The starting quarterback of the victorious Super Bowl team is often chosen for the "I'm going to Disney World!

On a passing play, the quarterback is almost always the player responsible for trying to throw the ball downfield to an eligible receiver downfield.

The passing game is emphasized heavily in the Canadian Football League (CFL), where there are only three downs as opposed to the four downs used in American football, a larger field of play and an extra eligible receiver.

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