Ms access turn off screenupdating

You could just make the label display a message like 'Pleaes wait...', but if you are iterating through a list or number of records or something, you could use the label to update the number of records or the name of the current record for example.

Say you wanted to show the name of the current record being updated/actioned, you can do the following: Where str Record Name (just as an example) is a variable holding the persons name of that record.

Can someone please describe here what it is that I need to do to resolve this.

If you want to display a messge rather than an hour-glass, here is a method I use a lot in Excel that I'm sure would work in MS Access. Just before you need to use it, display the userform using: This will ensure the userform is running modless (i.e.

In Access VBA, what is the equivalent of Excel's VBA statement: Application. In Excel, this statement disables the flickering of the screen while the application is working. Clicked on control Panel; go to user accounts; click on change the way users log on or off.I DONT have a password and my guest accounts are not turned on.But I still have to stop at this screen and click on an icon. Thanks Rich Hi, Everytime I run the following function, my screen will display the query result which I do not need. Function Last ID() As Long 'qry Product is a saved query Dim lng Source ID As Long Set rst = Current Db.The Screen Updating property resets at the end of a procedure.This means that if you run a different subroutine after the one above and you haven't added the line of code to disable screen updates to it, you'll be able to see the screen updating in the background.

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