Lanzarote dating

A repetition which testifies to both towns’ origins as small fishing villages, when many local families survival would have depended on the haul they could bring in from the sea.The historical significance of the fiesta can be traced back all the way to the maritime town of Haifa in Israel.The next day a major procession proceeds from the Church across the carpets of salt.So these works of art are visible for one day only.The date of this fiesta changes every year – so keep an eye on the Events section of the Lanzarote Guidebook homepage.May 30th marks the date when the Canaries first gained autonomy from Spain, back in 1983.

Virtually all of these events are religious in origin – but you don't have to be a Catholic or a Conejero to get involved.So if you´re planning to book one of our Lanzarote villas or apartments you might want to coincide your visit with one of these events, In Spain it's the Three Wise men who come bearing gifts, not Santa Claus.And as a result Twelfth Night, or Epiphany, is one of the most important events on the festival calendar.Which is where the cult of Carmen (or Carmel, as she is known there) began.Its emergence as a focal point in the Roman Catholic calendar occurred over centuries, but certainly by the eighteenth century, the current style of festival had begun.

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