Jesse spencer and jennifer morrison dating

It was not easy for both of them to move on but it has been many years post break up. Everything was going perfect but they say, life is unpredictable and unexplainable-the duo suddenly broke up.The reason behind their separation is still a mystery.All these things led us to think about their powerful bond.It seemed so strong that people had started making speculations about their marriage and nobody ever thought that these lovebirds will ever split anyhow.

(Not that we aren't a little bummed about that — who didn't love Stan's crazy-eyed, misunderstood Mad Hatter?

Unfortunately, their onscreen romance mirrored their off-screen one.

Morrison and Spencer called off their engagement in 2007 after dating for three years, and their characters on the show filed for divorce after an insanely dramatic plot which involved Chase murdering a senator. Usually they just happen on Scandal .)Currently Morrison seems to be doing very well solo.

)It wasn't the first time Morrison dated a co-star.

Morrison and her House co-star Jesse Spencer made Cameron/Chase shippers freak out when Morrison and Spencer began dating after sparks flew on the set of the Fox drama.

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