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The amalgam of peoples of North Africa coalesced eventually into a distinct native population that came to be called Berbers.

Distinguished primarily by cultural and linguistic attributes, the Berbers lacked a written language and hence tended to be overlooked or marginalized in historical accounts.

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From - Etymological Dictionary of Modern English: MOOR - "waste ground," Old English mor "morass, swamp," from Proto-Germanic *mora- (cf.

The difference being that Americans don't claim to be the native and original people.

Okay, okay: Yes there are Albinos in the Americas who claim to be "Native Americans": but that's mainly for gain in terms of land theft and such, it is assumed that they don't really believe their own "One drop - maybe" so I'm an Indian lies.

Then to make it even more complicated, in current times: Albinos from Spain, France, and Italy have RE-invaded North Africa and established Government and societies. Thus one of the oddities of modern times is found in North Africa: where the Mulattoes, Quadroons, and Octoroons of the White invaders, and even the White invaders themselves: proclaim themselves BERBERS and the INDEGENOUS inhabitants of North AFRICA!!!

To make the ridiculous even more ridiculous; many of these people also practice racial prejudice against Africans IN Africa!

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