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There are two main options for foreign companies wanting to have an account on We Chat. Depending on what you choose in Step 9, you will either need to send a specific amount to Tencent to verify your bank account (option 1), or you can continue with the Official Account verification steps. Here is how you can verify your Official Account Step 1. They’re used anywhere from product packaging to online campaigns.

Both are included in Walkthe Chat e-commerce platform advanced package. You will have two options to verify your bank account. Go to We Chat admin backend, go to account setting (公众号设置) on the left side menu. Although the creation process is more complex for oversea companies, it is nonetheless possible and a must-do in order to engage with Chinese customers in a meaningful and efficient way.

Choose the type of Official Account that you want to creation. Enter email information and click on 注册 button to register an account.

The general rule is, if the content is the core of your business, choose Subscription, otherwise, choose service account.

Unlike in Western countries, QR codes are a very popular way to access content.“Not visible” means Chinese users can’t search for your account, can’t scan your QR code, and can’t follow you.As of November 2017, the We Chat China platform finally has an English interface! We have written separately about We Chat at Work accounts, formerly Enterprise Accounts, that are meant for internal company use and have a separate backend at accounts generally have more advanced API functions than Subscription accounts: To put it simply, the only real advantage of We Chat Subscription account is their ability to post articles on a more frequent (daily) basis. Now you can start posting articles on your account.The general rule of thumb to pick a We Chat Official Account is, therefore, the following: Creating a We Chat Official Account with an overseas company: In order to abide by the local regulations in terms of media content, We Chat makes it difficult for foreign companies to create We Chat Official Accounts. Some of the advanced features are only available after account has been verified (such as We Chat Payment, We Chat geo-location). We Chat Official Accounts are an essential part of the marketing strategy of any strategy wanting to enter China.

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