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In fact, the ways in which the camera moves are almost all built and maintained by the grips. And if either of you gets bitten, I won't waste a second watching out for my own.

Get out Stop it Fuck off Don't you dare to escape Don't be so tough That the Fourteenth Prince Your Majesty, are you alright? From the way a c-stand is positioned to the way a screw is tightened, there is a protocol and a language for everything the grips are doing to keep everyone on set safe. Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan,kajol AT Kolkata International Film Festival 2017 - Duration: . If the shot calls for a jib or a crane, grips build and control this movement as well. ------------------------------------------- Tube Film - Andy Lau : Legendary Lore | English Subtitle - Duration: . It might be poisonous Please drink mine first Your Majesty All the people of this town have been slaughtered just like the former one They want to kill us all! Even handheld shots often rely on grips, because the camera operator may need to be on a ladder, which will be held by a grip, or they may put the camera on an apple box between shots, which would be provided by the grip department. Indoors, grips can control the light in a scene by using black wrap, or cinefoil, to direct light or seal the windows from sunlight. And really big silks are used to protect an entire set from the sun for an outdoor scene.

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