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If there is no rule about emergency leave in your company’s policy, you are just at the mercy of your Kafeel.He can allow you to go back to your country and he may reject this application of emergency leave straightforward.Recommended: Article 77 of Saudi Labor Law If the employer wants to terminate a contract without giving notice period, he will have to pay the employee remuneration equivalent to the notice period specified above – Article 76 of Saudi Labor Law In order to terminate a contract within the probation period, only one day notice is required by Saudi Labor Law by either party – Article 53 of Saudi Labor Law.Recommended: Probation Rules under Saudi Labor Law An employment contract can always be terminated by the employer under Article 80 of Saudi Labor Law without giving any notice.When expatriates work far away from their own countries (in Saudi Arabia) leaving their homes, family members and friends behind, there are many chances that they face with some emergency and have to go back to their native countries.

Accordingly, women in most of the country must wear the hijab (head covering), and full black cloak called an abaya.

The planned sale is the latest signal that Saudi Arabia is serious about holding its elites to account.

In an anti-corruption crackdown last November, authorities detained scores of senior officials on charges of alleged graft.

They think about nothing but the interruption in their work.

Saudi Labor Law entitles the worker to avail 21 or 30 days annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave and another type of leaves every year.

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