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We thought it was between 70 and 100 million years, we dated it with Potassium-Argon and found it to be 72 million years old.” Then they publish their findings (leaving out the mistaken dates) and the world stands in awe!While violent riots occur in central Detroit, Adam and Malik seek shelter at Malik's apartment. Is this a moment for them to change that, and perhaps even be able to bond?A small group of men, however, armed with blunt objects, stopped the duo's progress in the middle of an alley.The thugs demanded Malik and Adam hand over any valuables, or there would be a lot of pain.An impressed and worried Malik personally witnessed her co-worker and guardian's fighting prowess, as Adam moved and struck like a black lightning.Dexterously, he dodged their clumsy attacks and lashed out with precise and powerful punches and swings.However, while flying above Detroit, Adam had listened to the radio about violent riots taking place near Sarif Industries.Adam needed help, and contacted Pritchard, the head of cyber-security division."Come in, Pritchard.

Inform me immediately when the riots are about to clear up.Malik and I just returned from China and we were forced to set the chopper down on a small airfield four clicks south-east from our designated landing zone. Can you check the satellite feed and tell me of a safe path to get to Sarif Industries as quickly as possible? While you two were busy on your 'vacation' on the other side of the world, things have become quite messy here in Detroit.Violent riots between supporters and protestors of augmentations have broken out.Seems logical, but the answer is “no.” Fossils are found in sedimentary rocks which cannot be dated by radiometric techniques.They typically date nearby igneous rocks that are above and below the sedimentary layer where they found the fossil.

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