Dating a sotho man

The South Sotho cluster is associated with the Fokeng, who are today Sotho-speaking.

They were long believed to be the first Sotho speakers on the highveld and have always been respected by oral historians as the most ancient of the Sotho peoples.

Decoration is done by woman using natural clay and lime wash. Together the Nguni and Sotho account for the largest percentage of the total Black population.

The major Sotho groups are the South Sotho (Basuto and Sotho), the West Sotho (Tswana), and the North Sotho (Pedi).

Origins: Flat roofed dwelling, built by Basotho farmers near Bloemfontein.

In fact, most archaeologists presume the Sotho were the main body of early stone builders in this part of the country, because Iron Age sites studied by them resemble the areas reported by early eyewitnesses very closely.The variously organised settlements, like ceramics, allow archaeologists to trace movement and interaction across the landscape.What is clear is that pulses of settlement shifts and conflict seem to have been at least partly a response to climatic flux during the Little Ice Age.It is important to note however that all three clusters share very similar dialects, beliefs and social structures and the main distinctions between the three groups were only established as a result of the early 19th century difiqane period.Most Sotho people were herders of cattle, goats, and sheep, and cultivators of grains and tobacco.

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