Dating a guild guitar is danny jones dating miss england

Manufacturers put oxblood and tweed grille cloth and coverings on spanking-new amps to conjure a retro vibe.

What’s drives a lot of this quest for vintage mojo is the fact that certain highly collectible guitars command huge sums these days.

There’s a huge market in vintage guitars, that includes collectors who specialize in all sorts of offbeat instruments.

For example, some collect 1960s vintage Japanese and Italian models bristling with strange control knobs, futuristic plastic parts and three or four no-name pickups.

As mentioned above, however, there are many specialty collectors willing to pay more for a less in-demand guitar if it fills a missing spot in their collection.

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Serial numbers, hardware, finishes, workmanship, electronics, woods and materials will all offer clues.

Prowling around a closet or attic you come across that daisy decal-festooned ‘60s-era electric guitar you remember your dad occasionally plinking on.

How do you tell if you’ve got a potential treasure worth thousands, a piece of family memorabilia that has keepsake value or a Goodwill giveaway?

The value drops off sharply for guitars rated in “good” or “fair” condition.

Rarity/Demand: These two factors often go hand-in-hand.

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