Chelsea handler dating boss

"I'm definitely worried about maintaining my relevance and not wanting to go too far out of bounds to accommodate someone else," she said.

A source close to the couple claims that late-night comedienne Chelsea Handler and her conveniently well-connected boyfriend Ted Harbert have split up.

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, “I just think everybody who has a platform needs to use it right now, and people need to speak up and speak loudly, because it’s really scary what’s going on and everybody has to say something…

Lucky for Us, the supermodel has a skincare line, Meaningful Beauty, and recently collaborated with […] What comes after sushi pizza?

If you’re Poke Burri, the answer is sushi doughnuts.

I think." Handler and Harbert began dating in 2006, the same year her first E! star Joan Rivers' accusation that she "made it on her back, f---ing" Harbert.

COVER STORY: Chelsea Handler's Split Personality "I so didn't, and I so don't care about you asking about it," replied Handler, who once quipped to that the best thing about living with Harbert was that "he drives me to work." The couple split up in 2010.

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