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And can he survive the repercussions of their meeting?

Can Gal resist Don's overpowering force of will and refuse the summons?

Many bullied children are reluctant to tell anyone what's happening to them. Bullying is designed to make them feel inferior, and in their cases, perhaps it has worked.

The film follows the stories of several children in Mississippi, Oklahoma and Georgia. Their lives had become unendurable without anyone noticing, or taking their situations seriously enough. The most infuriating people in the film are teachers or administrators who don't know what's happening — or don't want to know, perhaps afraid of bureaucratic difficulties or angry parents. A girl who is a lesbian is humiliated by a teacher in front of other students, and her parents observe that many of their own longtime friends have become hostile. Much has been made of how the MPAA gave this film an R rating for its language.

The comeuppance of a bully is a timeless tale for movies and one that will be mined for the medium for years to come.

Cinema screens will always be littered with bullies lying on their backs after being given a swift right hand to the face from our hero.

It could encourage young viewers to identify with victims of bullying and to dislike bullies. This process was shown with great power in Larry Clark's “Bully” (2001), which added an unexpected twist: A brutal bully is actually murdered by a group of his victims, who together are moved to do something none of them could ever do alone.

Movies that encourage empathy are more effective than those that objectify problems. “Bully” is a sincere documentary but not a great one.

These characters make it their mission to belittle and hurt people who they think are below them, sometimes using violence to assert their dominance. Thankfully, filmmakers love to give evil characters their comeuppance in the end.

#MAGABomber “At @Crosstown High our process was a grassroots effort - over 200 students where involved in the design of the school, we are a living breathing design process.

“ - @Chandra SMathias #i NACOL18 #Rethink High School pic.twitter.com/XVOum3ikq5 “Equity demands action, not just aspiration.” - @Russlynn Ali speaking at #i NACOL18 such a powerful speech take a moment to learn about @XQAmerica and let’s all #Re Think High School pic.twitter.com/ix Jnv6Ndg R @Russlynn Ali is helping us imagine a future for high school that’s far more equitable, ethical and imaginative!

Some kids will think: “I'm not like those losers.” The right kind of fictional story might make that harder to do. We feel sympathy for the victims, and their parents or friends, but the film helplessly seems to treat bullying as a problem without a solution. Parents and schools should place great emphasis on the idea that it is all right to be different.

Racism and all the other “isms” grow from primitive tribalism, the instinctive hostility against those of another tribe, race, religion, nationality, class or whatever.

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