Bill nye carbon dating

Americans remain interested in the subject, and hold a diversity of views that don’t all fit neatly into the two positions represented at the debate.

According to a 2012 Gallup […] A few days after the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate, I had the opportunity to interview paleontologist and geologist Donald R.

Are there better answers to the controversial methods of radioisotope dating?

Is an ice core’s age simply determined by counting its layers?

Saturn, Enceladus, and Blue Stars For more radio programs, click here.

I made a quiz for News Up that ran on Darwin’s birthday.

As any observation of any event necessarily occurs after that event, this distinction is regrettably nonexistent.

Ham also attempted to prove the world is 6,000 years old by saying the carbon dating method is flawed (but it's perfectly usable when dating biblical manuscripts).

I’ve posted the audio from our interview at the top of this post, so you can […] Last week Bill Nye the Science Guy came to the Creation Museum to debate Answers In Genesis founder Ken Ham.

Brian Thomas explains why Christians need an educated response to the evolutionary stories of many geologists and media celebrities.

Other episodes in this series: Stretchy Dinosaur Soft Tissue Mutation Rates Debunk Human Evolution Story Where Did All the People Come From?

The auditorium was packed, and millions of people watched it online.

The next few posts here will be about the debate, so check it out and join the discussion.

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