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References to Nepal Valley and Nepal’s lower hill areas are found in the ancient Indian classics, suggesting that the Central Himalayan hills were closely related culturally and politically to the Gangetic Plain at least 2,500 years ago.

Lumbini, Gautama Buddha’s birthplace in southern Nepal, and Nepal Valley also figure prominently in Buddhist accounts.

“I knew we needed to cover our heads and get to an open space.” Regish picked up his younger brother and convinced his frightened aunt and mother to come outside.

Although the earlier Kirati dynasty had claimed the status of the Kshatriya caste of rulers and warriors, the Licchavis were probably the first ruling family in that area of plains Indian origin.

The earthquake’s effects were far-reaching: collapsed schools, broken water systems, and lost sources of income among them.

Thanks to generous donations in the quake’s aftermath, the global Red Cross network was able to deliver lifesaving support and supplies to people in need.

Tarchin Tamang (left) and his son, Prakash, are in the midst of rebuilding their home in Bhalche.

The family—like all earthquake survivors needing assistance in the Himalayan country—had to wait for official guidance from the Nepal government before starting reconstruction on a new house.

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