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The 23-year-old actress only put Nichols' Instagram handle in the caption. Wearing just a black bikini, Bennet glared into the camera through some kind of geometric film while her boyfriend Austin Nichols stuck out his middle finger. She is trying her level best to forget her past and enjoy her present.Looking at Logan and Chloe’s bond, they seem like they are hinting us that they might hitch together in future. The photo seems jarringly out of character when compared to Bennet's usual Instagram pics that have so far only been funny G-rated selfies – sitting in flower beds, for instance, and behind-the-scenes pics from the "S. Bennet has been dating "The Walking Dead" star for nearly two years. I'll be reading the Profile Review section (for example) and click on the OP's profile to look at it, and I'll get brought to the main sign up page, instead.What exactly happens is , if i'm browsing the forums sometimes i might click on a profile on their avatars.

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Looking at their love, loyalty, and respect to one another, no one thought that they would separate but unfortunately, the couple recently ended their relationship. Similarly, the couple was once rumored as they were dating since 2013, but the couple did not show much attention to that rumor.

Austin Nicholas and Chloe Bennet met each other for the first time while they were filming the ABC’s superhero show. The couple who got much love from the public, as well as their relationship, were fully admired by their fans and followers.

Austin Nichols and Chloe Bennet are one of those couples who everybody appreciates and respects for the love that both has for one another.

But unfortunately, the lovely couple ended their relationship.

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