Arabic sexphone

Hmm, it makes you wonder how "legal" his stash was.Link: You Tube (Bin Laden's smut stash gets revealed to ex-president Obama) Did you know that you face the death penalty for producing pornography in Iran since a law passed there in 2007?

)While pornography is illegal and mostly made unreachable in most Middle Eastern countries like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the UAE due to limiting access by restricting internet connections, some people are still able to get it with satellite dishes or by local access to it.

Fuck, I better scrap that country off my bucket list.

The region already isn't "Porn Dude" friendly with all those ISIS warriors looking to cut my head off and now the government may be on my ass too.

In western countries, you already get branded as a sexist, if you look at a girl showing off her cleavage. Then cover them up, if you don't want men to watch your big tits, slut!

Did you know that their religion forbids girls birth control, going to school and driving a car?

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