Anderson cooper and isha sesay dating

Economists rate chance of recession as a 'coin flip'There is a 50-50 chance that the U. economy will sink into recession this year, but any downturn will likely be short and shallow, according to a survey of economists out Tuesday. The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee yesterday unveiled a rival plan to stimulate the economy, offering a 0 check to virtually every American--including low-income seniors and rich financiers-- in a direct challenge to the bipartisan deal reached last week by President Bush and House leaders. President Bush used his final State of the Union speech Monday to call for a quick shot in the arm for the economy in "a period of uncertainty" and touted last year's progress in the ongoing war in Iraq. Making his seventh and final State of the Union address, President Bush proposed a short list of initiatives Monday that more than anything else underscored the White House's growing realization that his biggest political opponents now are time and an electorate already looking beyond him. poll released Monday: Thirty-nine percent of likely California Republican primary voters back Mc Cain, while 26 percent support former Massachusetts Gov. The fates of the three Caston brothers may well have been fixed at their births.Antoin "Tony" Rezko was roused at daybreak Monday from his Wilmette mansion by federal agents and ordered jailed by a judge who was disturbed that the politically connected businessman concealed a .5 million payment from overseas. President Bush has never shown much distaste for Congressional pork. A herbal nutrition center will allow patients to get prescription marijuana from a vending machine. Midlife slump finds people in their 40s down in the dumps... Obama took South Carolina, Mc Cain and Romney are in a virtual dead heat in looks like we will have to wait until Super Tuesday to get a better sense of who the actual '08 front runners are... And if you ever want to hire a hit man, I suggest you don't post it on craigslist!!! I will never forget the first time I powdered her face (Senator Clinton that is!So, I smiled because, even though he likely doesn't know it yet, that little boy has a reason to be joyful today.Even if Barack Obama is not elected president, this black child will grow up knowing that someday -- HE could be.I even helped to start a band on my show once (can't imagine why we didn't get a record deal!) There's more to this gal than cut-ins and dramatic animal video! For those of you who don't know, we've started something new: 'Beat 360.'Every day we post a picture, and you provide the caption... Jeffrey Toobin360 Contributor Some cases are so fascinating, so legally intriguing, that you have to make sure to pause and remind yourself that they are rooted in human tragedy.A warning to the 360 team, though: I'm bringing some fun with me.

And I smiled; because you see -- this boy was black.Thanks again for the warm welcome - I'm looking forward to making the move official. Julie Jensen, a 40-year-old mother of two, was found dead, poisoned to death, in her home in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.It turns out that Julie left a note with a neighbor saying that if she were to turn up dead, her husband Mark should be the lead suspect.And speaking of jail, Chicago authorities arrested Antoin "Tony" Rezko.Rezko was the guy Hillary Clinton claimed Obama was spending a little too much time with...

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