American medical association doctors dating patients

During her nursing career, she met a young military man named Boyd Alvord who was a patient of hers.When Boyd was transferred to Fitzsimmons Hospital in Denver, CO, Agnes followed. This is where Boyd and Agnes chose to settle and raise their family.She enjoyed her weekends at Hat Creek with her family and friends and the several trips to Europe, the Philippines, and Hawaii.

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We included the obituaries of her father, Thalbert Nelson Alford, in District of Columbia Obituaries; and brother William Taylor Alford in Rhode Island Obituaries.Agnes was most proud of their donation of the bells and stained glass windows at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church, which she attended on a regular basis.Agnes was preceded in death by her husband of 65 years, Boyd Alvord, who passed away on February 3rd of this year.She had many wonderful lifetime friends who have been very supportive through the years. Agnes and Boyd were very giving to the Redding community.They donated funds for the kitchen at Mercy Oaks and made several contributions to the local YMCA.

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