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I showed him a copy of his ip trace.said I would die - be killed. He never asked for money, I thought I was always a step ahead of him. I asked him about it and he said Arc Daniel was his nickname. That day, after I posted, I received 10 or 15 Friend requests. I will be paying payments on these accounts and will be trying to repair my credit rating. I would like to post a picture I saved to warn people. Attractive bald man with a beard, and Facebook accounts with 3 different names. In addition to posting here, contact a federal cyber crime agency and be prepared to give them as much information as you can, including emails. I also told my story to my friends and family on face book.My scammer stole Doug Blevins pictures off Facebook. He was really smooth and texted me mornings and night. He then started asking if I could help him out since he couldnt get off rig. I made payments on cards and let them clear and then he had me buy more. He blocked me and then deleted his facebook account. One of the cards got paid by a person in Kentucky by the name of Janet Sherrow. Some of the photos are youthful and the guy he stole the photos from looks like he might be gay. I shared the story and pictures and asked them to share it publicly. It was an embarrassment to me but I was not going to let these scammers get away with this and find another person to hurt.I was feeling pretty good physically and I started responding to conversations he did ask me if I had children and he asked me about my situation. But then one day he got very friendly towards me and he sent me information that he was an oil rigger engineer in the Shetland Islands north of the UK on a rig in the North Sea.He explained that he was a supervisor running a crew 40 of men and that he was about 3/4 way with his project and that he also happened to be from the same state as I about 35 miles away and the more he would talk the more interesting I was since it was so close and his Avatar pictures were so handsome that I started responding in a very positive way towards him.Thank you Update on Comment Title: Victor Gonzalez IG @_victorb2b I google every person's photo that contacts me.I found the "real" guy's picture my scammer was using, told him what was going on and now we are friends. He said he has reported about 15 accounts (I helped him with a few) that have used his photos.It stinks because I had good credit until my scammer came along. I have had many friend requests and I have had 13 more since that try. He has only sent me one photo, that of "him" in what appears to be a restaurant or bar, balding, handsome, glasses, and a necklace.

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Jeff Blake came to me and was very very friendly and just started opening up conversations.Doug Blevins is a realtor in Fort Lauderdale FL USA. The scammers have used him on many sites - probably ten or more and the amount of money scammed is in the high tens of thousands and maybe 70 thousand this year off his picture. He wanted me to open some checks so he could pay some bills. He then did unauthorized payments, not once but twice on one card. He said it had never happened before but his accounts were paid and unauthorized by different bank accounts to the tune of almost ,000 which I am now liable for. I have a telephone # he messaged me on 917-231-8514. I dont know if she was part of the scam or a new victim. Marcel Giovanni Morgan and David Brown Morgan profiles can be seen by searching Facebook. I was angry and filing a complaint and making a post was a good way to get back and also save friends and family from getting caught up in a scam as [email protected]@[email protected] are the same so if you Google image search and ask for Doug Blevins you see the images. You can look him up too on Youtube and ask for Doug Blevins either singing or as a realtor and you can see his pictures. I looked it up and Its a number associated with Arch Wireless corp. ED: you can post pictures when you start a new submission [but not when you are adding a comment to an existing submission] - use the page below and you can see photos there and you can also post your own story and photos there: https:// WISER NOW!! Many friends contacted me later to say that they were scammed as well but too embarrassed to tell anyone about it. At least they won't be able to use the same pictures, which were probably stolen anyways.To the person who posted about this man I feel your pain or should I say anger. They have my picture, and I am sure they will be trying to use that somewhere!My credit is ruined due to being scammed and one thing I found is no one cares. I am seeking pictures of James, the man I am talking too.

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