Accommodating iol synchrony

The company issued the following brief statement in response to a question from this publication: “Abbott has discontinued the Synchrony vu IOL and is focusing resources on next-generation technologies.Abbott remains committed to developing and providing the best options in accommodative, multifocal and extended depth of focus lenses.” I served as medical monitor for the Synchrony's US trials.However, a few people cannot adapt and require an IOL exchange, which is another intraocular surgery with its attendant risks.I would ask the hospital administrator you mentioned if he had multifocal implants; I don't think cataract surgery was the worst decision he ever made, perhaps it was the IOL.

With the Synchrony now out of the picture, other accommodating IOLs, such as the Fluid Vision (Power Vision, Santa Barbara, Calif.) appear to be years away from approval.

By David Chang, MD, with Jerry Helzner, Senior Editor When Abbott Labs (Abbott Park, Ill.) paid 0 million to acquire IOL developer Visiogen for its Abbott Medical Optics (AMO) division in the late summer of 2009, American ophthalmologists were eagerly hoping for approval of a next-generation accommodating IOL.

After all, Visiogen's Synchrony dual-optic accommodative IOL, had just completed its US clinical trials and had also received the CE mark in Europe earlier that year.

His suggestion was to use the lens that you mentioned.

I told him that I drive at night for work occasionally,have a passion for shooting sporting clays,and am a avid boater. Regards, Joe There is no perfect IOL, either in the US or in other countries.

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