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After our mailing she wrote me that she is decided to arrive on the Slovakia on July and he had already visa and money for her residence.

Later she wroted me, that her father were not able send her full amount of money needed for custom and firstly asked me for help with money on the visa. A few days later she wroted me that she was robed a she need again money - she had again not enough money needed for customs, I again helped her with sum of 4OO euro, but she again not arrived. 3.)Letters from [email protected]/06/2012 PM Hi,my new and dear friend!

In 2007 in Russia, killing 2,500 children every minute dies 5 people, born 3.

That in 2008 were unaccounted for 50,000 people, nearly 2 million children under the age of 14 years, beaten by their parents, 50,000 children each year run away from home to escape the family and sexual violence. The number of sexual offenses against minors over the past 10 years has grown by 25 times! The desire to make it clear that I dream about normal!

She wroted me that she was arrested on the custom by policeas suspicious and transported from aarport to police station to Moscow, that she must declare origin her brooche a and pay state-tax for it, that she got as gift from her mother - 1oo/o from value of the brooche = 3OOOe uro.

She wroted me that without this she can not leave Russia. When I askcd her for any documents, if she had any visa she sent me these copies her passport and visa. Ne)d days she told me that she already paid this tax and asked me for my account number, that this sum 27OOO euro from illuseum for sell her brooche will transferred from Museum on my accounts, because she had not any in Russia.

have a special teacher of physical culture, but in my country, teachers are one of the lowest wages, so I took the course ecology and has now started work in this area.

I'm a big girl, but I'm not fat) Extensive bone and good action, but no fat.

like talking to people, but I do not like rudeness, violence, disrespect, abuse, negative.

As I found later on the internet, some of her e-mail accounts wer6 listed as hacker. I'm twenty five y.o., blonde hairs and blue eyes... If you will reply to me I will write to you more about myself!

All our communication were between e-mail accounts [email protected] [email protected] mobil phones 0042191849660938107 only via SMS messages. As I found on the internet this mobil phone number is registered on the name Valentina Sokolova.

5.)Letters [email protected]/06/2012 AM Good morning,my dear friend! I am grateful to you for a great and honest answer!

30% of children born out of wedlock, only in Siberia over the past 5 years, disappeared 11 000 villages and 290 towns. Die every day 40 infants, 70% of them in maternity wards! For 187 education leaders in 2010, criminal charges, the amount of bribes in the field of higher Education reached $ 520 million, over the past 5 years in Russia has left more than 40 million people.

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